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iPhone App:SmartScope Tutorial

Capture the screen Tap the screen, focus on the subject Capture size can be changed in the scale button(iPhone5 Only) Complete capture and press the record button! Captured image is saved in the album of iPhone※ ※Is selected during the first boot after app downloads, for access to the album “Do not Allow” from the SmartScope, but the problem does not occur in the operation of the application, while an image can not be saved to continue. Due to changes in the security policy of Apple, this problem is solved by the following procedures. “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Photos” In the list of apps that is displayed, change to “ON” SmartScope. This setting can be changed at any time. Reading QR Code Open the menu, we make sure that QR code recognition function is ON Tap the guide icon to view the guide(You can view the guide even if it is not recognized) QR code so that they are within the framework of the central guide, please adjust the position of the iPhone(OK a little I be inclined!) If the QR code is blurred, focus on the QR code by tapping the screen Upon recognition of the QR code, a… 続きを読む

iPhone App:SmartScope – Capture the Screenshot – QR Code Reading Built-in

Simplicity is beautiful thing! SmartScope capture App is made for iPhone. Features: Built-in Auto QR Code recognition.You can access the web quickly and easily. Capture Full Size screenshots quickly, even in dark places.(Recommended iPhone5) Design and Behavior like a genuine App! Function: Support the vibration function and the original grid display. Fastest startup! even if you have no hope. Built in Original Sound. You can feel the real operation. When to use: When want to access quickly from the QR code listed on the business card. When want to capture the material quietly in the library. Instead of the memo of the moment. Support: Please send message from the Application Support. Remarks: Reading of all types of QR Code is not guaranteed. Continue to add features in the update. Please look forward to the future. Long-term use may reduce the life of the battery. Apple and iPhone® is registered trademarks of Apple Inc. QR Code is registered trademarks of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.