SmartScope2.0 User’s Manual (EN)


Thank you for Purchase of SmartScope.

Even beginners, SmartScope has been designed to be intuitive.
By understanding the behavior of the various buttons in advance, in this manual, we will help you to take full advantage of the application performance.

Please read the tutorial beginners.

Update Information

Changes in latest version SmartScope2.0 are as follows.

  • Brand new interface for iOS 7
  • Added an indicator of the QR code reading mode
  • Rebuilt iOS7 exclusively with the internal design
  • Swipe to access configuration panel
  • Changed to high resolution than before the resolution of the captured image

Task of the next update

  • Implementation of the new features overlay mode
  • Reduce memory load of potential
  • Add effect of the QR code reading
  • Bugfix

SmartScope grow with me. Please look forward to future updates.

Main Screen

Description of each button

If you tap each icon, ON / OFF is switched.

img_smartscope2_manual_qr 2D Barcode Reader When On, It automatically recognized within the 2D Barcode
img_smartscope2_manual_grid Show Grid When On, Show the grid in camera view
img_smartscope2_manual_sound Sound Effects When On, at the time of tapping, play a sound effect
img_smartscope2_manual_vib Vibration When On, at the time of shooting, vibrate
img_smartscope2_manual_settings Settings Tap to change to the settings screen of the app
img_smartscope2_manual_shot Shot When you tap, Take a screen shot
img_smartscope2_manual_light Light When you tap, LED on the back of the device to emit light.
img_smartscope2_manual_scale Scale When you tap, change capture size(iPhone5 only)

Settings Screen

Function Settings
Switch of each item, and in conjunction with the menu item on the main screen, the function of each switch is the same as that of the main screen.
App Information
Version It is the version of the SmartScope
User’s Manual Refer to the documentation on this page
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Supported OS
iOS 7 or later (Not supported iOS7 before)
Compatible models
iPhone 5,iPhone 5s,iPhone5c,iPod touch

App Support

About the app, please contact us If you have any support from the application questions and comments.
  • Apple,Safari and iPhone® is registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
  • QR Code is registered trademarks of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

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